Poll: McMullin Trails Trump by 3-Points in Utah; Clinton 4-Points Back

Evan McMullinAnother day, another poll showing a close race in 2016’s most surprising battleground state. 

The Rasmussen Reports poll commissioned by Heat Street gives Trump 32%, McMullin 29% and Democrat Hillary Clinton 28%. All three of those numbers are within the margin of error, meaning the race is a statistical three-way tie. 

The survey also found that 44% of Utahns want the Utah GOP to endorse Evan McMullin over Donald Trump while 42% say the Utah GOP should not endorse McMullin. 

Not surprisingly, both Trump and Clinton had very high unfavorable ratings compared to McMullin.

Trump’s overall favorables are 31, his unfavorables a massive 68%, with 1% undecided and 1% unsure. Clinton fares even worse, with favorables of 26% and unfavorables of 72%, 1% undecided. Johnson has the same favorables overall as Trump, 31%, but far fewer of his fans like him a great deal. He does have smaller unfavorables at 53%; 10% are unsure about him and 7% have not heard of him.


McMullin, scoring second in the three-way tie, has both the highest not heard of rating at 9% and the highest favorables. He has 51% favorable, an absolute majority even with 9% who don’t know who he is. His unfavorables are 32, and 8% are undecided.


Trump looks to be rebounding slightly after a videotape of him bragging about sexually assaulting women came to light. His numbers are trending up after a big drop. McMullin’s surge appears to have staying power, while Clinton’s support remains steady.


The Heat Street survey was conducted October 23 and 24 among 750 likely voters in Utah.