Salt Lake Chamber Women’s Business Center Launches Online Trainings Through Virtual Locations Around the State

The Salt Lake Chamber Women’s Business Center is partnering with chambers of commerce and other organizations throughout the state to provide their services to women entrepreneurs and small business owners in both rural and suburban areas.

“We believe any woman can start and run a successful business with the right skills, resources, and support,” said Ann Marie Wallace, Executive Director of the Salt Lake Chamber Women’s Business Center. “Initially our services were tailored to those based in the Salt Lake Valley, but we are excited to expand and provide them statewide, and help Utah continue as the ‘Best State for Business.’”

Presently, the WBC has partnered with three chambers of commerce to provide Virtual Women’s Business Centers, they are: the Brigham Area Chamber of Commerce, the Cache Chamber of Commerce and Tooele County Chamber of Commerce.

At an event held in Brigham City today Ann Marie Wallace said, “As Utah continues to grow; we would like to provide our every community the resources to grow with it. This gives entrepreneurs and small businesses inthe opportunity, training and skills necessary to start or enhance their own business. We look forward to the great things this will lead to.”

A New Website

In preparing for these virtual locations the WBC launched a new website in July 2016. The website will help more women access free and low cost training on subjects like how to start, grow or expand businesses.

Expanding the WBC’s Mission

The WBC was established in November 1997 as a partnership between the Salt Lake Chamber and U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). The SBA provides a federal grant to the WBC to assist women in Utah start and grow successful small businesses through training, resources and support. With the new Virtual Women’s Business Center locations the goal is that by the end of 2017, the WBC will extend these services to every county in Utah.

To learn more about the Women’s Business Center and its Virtual Locations visit: