National Headlines 11-6-16

From Mexico City to Tehran: world awaits US election result (Financial Times)

California secession group to hold meet-up at State Capitol (San Francisco Chronicle)

David Stockman warns both Trump and Clinton could lead to 25% sell-off (CNBC)

ISIS calls on supporters to ‘slaughter’ American Presidential election voters on Tuesday (Mirror)

What record early vote turnout means for Trump and Clinton (McClatchy)

For FBI, email investigation yields little but criticism (Washington Post)

Donald Trump makes another bid for Michigan at Macomb rally (Detroit Free Press)

Trump in Minnesota, Clinton in Ohio for campaign’s final push (Star Tribune)

Ohio official: ‘Extremely questionable, if not illegal behavior’ outside polling station (FOX News)

Free Election Day Uber Rides Being Offered In Philadelphia To Help Hillary Clinton (Daily Caller)

Election-inspired Stock Market Volatility Is Overblown (FOX News)