Local Headlines 11-7-16

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: If Rio Grande Cafe owner gives up, we’ve lost the battle

Paul Rolly: Senator’s tirade against Judge Chon is driven by his own rejection

Op-ed: Measure schools’ success with both high and low achievers

Editorial: Salt Lake City should restore impact fees right away

Editorial: As immigration levels out, a solution should rise

McAdams has big lead over GOP mayoral foe

Lawmaker wants Utahns to vote on dumping daylight saving time

State saves millions on prison land purchase in northwest Salt Lake City

Weinholtz support for medical marijuana bolstered by wife’s personal experience

Three new polls show Trump with a lead in Utah, but the race remains fluid

Election officials urge Utahns to get ballots in, fear long lines on Tuesday

Utah Dems urged to vote as soon as they can by Anne Holton, wife of VP nominee Tim Kaine

Utahns oppose decriminalizing polygamy, with millennials most against it, poll shows

Analysis: How Utah, for the first time, could decide who is the next president

Rolly: It might get lonely at the Utah GOP’s election night victory party

‘Family farm’ has spent millions buying acres of state land for unknown purpose

FBI director says no charges in Clinton email probe, Chaffetz to continue investigating

Utah Dems hold edge in early voting as wild election heads for finish line

Deseret News

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Final thoughts about an astonishing election

Op-ed: GOP shouldn’t turn to Paul Ryan

Editorial: Clearing the Kennecott air

New poll shows voter uncertainty about Trump lead in Utah

Anne Holton, wife of v.p. nominee Kaine, campaigns for Clinton in Utah

Land purchase for new state prison finalized for $12.4 million

$630 million in school funding hinges on Jordan, Alpine district voters


Editorial: After what Jeremy Peterson did to Kathie Darby, no wonder people hate politics (Standard-Examiner)

Doomsday Tuesday? Election uncertainty leads to slight uptick in emergency prep (Standard-Examiner)

Summit County Council candidates disclose financial contributions (Park Record)