National Headlines 11-22-16

Biden not interested in leading DNC (The Hill)

Trump signals softer approach in Times meeting (The Hill)

Trump Inches Toward Naming Domestic Cabinet Members (New York Times)

Obama grants 79 more commutations to federal inmates, pushing the total past 1,000 (Washington Post)

How Nancy Pelosi is trying to reassure anxious Democrats about her leadership (Washington Post)

Tommy Hilfiger thinks designers ‘should be proud’ to dress Melania Trump (Los Angeles Times)

Texas court blocks overtime rule (Politico)

Trump’s Day One Vow Can Alter Energy Rules But Not Market Forces (Bloomberg)

Trump wants to lift restrictions on ‘clean coal’ (Washington Post)

Trump Foundation’s ‘self-dealing’ unlikely to expose Trump to legal liability (Politico)

Silicon Valley scrambles for a seat at Trump’s table (Mercury News)