Josh Romney Catches Heat for Posting ‘Selfie’ from Car Crash

Josh Romney, son of Mitt and rumored future Utah political candidate, helped pull the victims of a car crash to safety on Friday night in Holladay. That good deed has become the subject of derision online after Romney posted a picture of him grinning in front of the wrecked car.

Romney tweeted out this picture:

The Daily Beast’s Lloyd Grove runs down the backlash targeted at Romney, mostly because he is grinning in the photo, online:

Needless to say, Josh took a fair amount of grief on his Twitter feed on Friday.

One wag tweeted: “I saved millions of lives … by getting people to not vote for your father.”

“Congratulations?” tweeted another.

“Only a Romney would see this as a photo op,” another detractor tweeted.

And another: “Why are you smiling, you twit?”

All of which serves as a cautionary note for aspiring politicians in the Romney clan who would like some credit, and maybe even a little bit of love, for the genuinely good deeds they do: next time, let Tagg tweet it.