Senator Lee Speaks Against Bears Ears Monument Designation from the Senate Floor

Senator Lee spoke on the Senate floor against the Obama administration’s recent designation of Bears Ears as a national monument, as well as the plans to rescind the designation in the upcoming Congress and with the new administration. 

Sen. Lee stated, “The truth is, what can be done through unilateral executive action can also be undone the same way. Such is the impermanence of executive power in our constitutional republic, where major policy changes require broad consensus, forged through legislative compromise, to endure the test of time.” 
Sen. Lee continued, “In other words, starting on January 20, President-Elect Trump can use his executive powers to rescind President Obama’s designation of the Bears Ears National Monument – and I’ve asked the future Trump administration to do just that. I’ve also recently cosponsored Senator Murkowski’s bill, the Improved National Monument Designation
Process Act, which would require all future presidents to obtain congressional and state approval prior to designating a national monument.

I’ve done these things, Madam President, and I’ll do more, because I believe the preponderance of evidence proves that President Obama abused the powers granted to him under the Antiquities Act when he designated the Bears Ears National Monument.”

Video of the speech can be found at this link