Why the Push to Repeal Obamacare is Dead

Do you dream of a repeal of Obamacare? Yeah…that’s probably not gonna happen.

Salon’s Brian Beutler says any chance of repeal is over now that the law is being implemented and talk of repeal is simply rhetoric at this point.

Why? Because repealing the law will be seen as taking insurance away from people instead of blocking an unpopular measure.

In the months ahead the GOP will squeeze every drop of political juice they can out of every Obamacare failure and hardship they can unearth or spin into existence. But the goal won’t be repeal. It will be to channel the right’s Obamacare obsession into voter turnout in 2014 — at which point millions of people will be insured and the law will be unrepealable.

I think the hopelessness of the repeal campaign — the absence of a viable legislative vehicle, the turning tide of Healthcare.gov, the initiation of insurance benefits — is becoming clear to elected Republicans, and its dying embers will be fully extinguished by early next year.