Utahns Don’t Swear Much, But They’re Not Very Courteous Either

A company got their hands on recorded customer service phone calls from the past year to determine which states were most likely to curse and which ones minded their “p’s and q’s.” 

The Marchex Institute found that Ohio, Maryland, New Jersey, Louisiana and Illinois were the most likely states to cuss out a customer service representative while Washington, Massachusetts, Arizona, Texas and Virginia were the least. Utah was ranked as a “goody two shoes” state.

However, Utahns did not do so well when it came to minding their manners, finding their way onto the “not courteous” list. The least courteous states were Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Indiana, Tennesee and Ohio while South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, Louisiana and Georgia were ranked most courteous.

The data also found that:

  • 66% of curses come from men
  • The calls that contain the most cursing are more than 10 minutes long. So the longer someone is on the phone, the more likely that call is to devolve.
  • Calls in the morning are twice as likely to produce cursing as calls in the afternoon or evening.