Democrats not targeting Mia Love’s seat in 2018

democrat1The pitched battle over Utah’s 4th Congressional District seat appears to be running out of steam.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) released the initial list of the Republican-held seats in Congress they plan to target in 2018. The 4th Congressional District seat held by Rep. Mia Love is not one of them.

According to the memo released earlier this week, the DCCC’s list of 59 targeted seats includes:

– 23 seats that Hillary Clinton won, but are held by Republicans.
– 10 seats on the list are held by Republicans, which Hillary Clinton lost by four percentage points or less.

Not including Love’s CD-4 seat does not mean that it can’t be added later. But, it is a clear signal that Democrats don’t think they have as good of a shot at taking it away from the Republicans as they did in 2014 when Doug Owens came within a few thousand votes of beating Love for the seat, despite Love massively outspending him in that campaign.

In 2016, Love handily defeated Owens in their rematch by 12-percentage points.