Provo, SLC Top ‘Best Performing Cities’ List

The Milken Institute puts both Provo and Salt Lake City in the top five of its annual list of best performing cities in America.

Reports Yahoo! Finance:

“We’re looking at factors that can be measured with a series of metrics that aren’t subject to preference,” explains Ross DeVol, chief research officer at the Milken Institute. These metrics include “job growth and quality of jobs measured by wages,” and they “look over five years [along with the] most recent year to get a sense of momentum – where jobs are being created and sustained.”

So if you’re looking for a good, high paying job, where should you move?

Topping the list of the best performing cities this year is Austin, Texas, which earned the No. 1 spot because of its booming tech sector. Other cities in the top five include Provo, Utah; San Francisco; San Jose and Salt Lake City – other cities with thriving tech sectors.