National Headlines 2-12-17

How can we trust global warming scientists if they keep twisting the truth? (Daily Mail)

State GOP leaders move quickly as party bickers in Congress (New York Times)

Trump and Trudeau to meet face to face for first time (Associated Press)

Mexican Migrants Signal They Prefer Detention to Deportation (Wall Street Journal)

Immigration Agents Arrest 600 People Across US in One Week (New York Times)

Trump reviews top White House staff after tumultuous start (Politico)

Trump administration signals change in policy for transgender students (Washington Post)

Who are the refugees and immigrants entering the US since the travel ban was lifted? (Christian Science Monitor)

Trump seeks to break DC bubble (The Hill)

Obamas gear up for speaking gigs and book deals (New York Post)

Sears, Kmart join other retailers in dropping Trump-branded items (Washington Post)