Colbert rips Chaffetz for refusal to investigate Flynn’s communications with Russia

20170215 Colbert ChaffetzRep. Jason Chaffetz has once again drawn the satirical brickbat of Stephen Colbert, this time over his disinclination to investigate former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s contacts with Russia.

Tuesday night, Colbert turned his sights on Chaffetz during a segment on Flynn’s resignation following the revelations that he had been in contact with Russian officials and lied about it.

The man in charge of any investigation would be Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and bloated Donny Osmond, Jason Chaffetz. Chaffetz is the man who could investigate Trump’s ties to Russia, except…he ain’t gonna.


Reporter: Should there be a broader, bipartisan, independent investigation into the administration’s ties to Russia?


Chaffetz: I think that situation has taken care of itself.


Really? That situation has taken care of itself? That’s like a doctor at the funeral saying, “I was going to tell him the diagnosis, but looks like that situation took care of itself.”