Press release: Utah Republican Party asks Congressional leaders to delay town hall meetings due to acts of intimidation and violence

UTGOP LogoIndivisible Utah is part of a national, organized movement whose focus is to disrupt and intimidate at republican congressional town halls.

This movement, in league with Obama’s Organizing for Action and the Utah Democratic Party has committed the following recent acts in Utah:

  • Surrounded a car at a recent Chaffetz event to prevent Congressman Chaffetz from leaving.

  • Several people were arrested or detained for being disorderly at Chaffetz event.

  • Hijacked Chaffetz Town Hall and denied members of his Congressional District from engaging their Congressman.

  • Posted Congresswomen Mia Love’s home address on Facebook to intimidate her (she has three young children).

  • In California, an Indivisible affiliate (Indivisible OC) knocked a 71-year-old staffer for Congressman Dana Rohrabacherunconscious.

This organized mob has displayed hostile, violent, and deliberately disruptive behavior, which is unfair to constituents as it hijacks town hall meetings to prevent any type of meaningful discussion. Because of this clear demonstration of violence, if congressional members feel they cannot provide adequate security they should consider tele-town halls to reach out to their constituents instead. If smaller, special interest groups want to meet, they can request meetings with their congressional leaders in controlled environments to minimize the chances of harm until these disruptive behaviors have ended.  

The UTGOP has become involved in this issue because Indivisible Utah and the Utah Democrat Party are coordinating with each other and have essentially made this a year-round, partisan campaign effort. Since they lost at the ballot box on Election Day, they have decided to take their fight to the streets in the form of intimidation, violence, and the disruption of our political process. The people of Utah deserve better than this.

We regret having to make this request but the safety of our residents and elected officials is our priority. Hopefully these angry leftist mobs will come to their senses soon and enable violence-free meetings where we can once again celebrate our right to Freedom of Speech in safety.