National Headlines 12-8-13

Obama to Congress: Back down on Iran (The Hill)

Rand Paul: My wife says ‘no’ to presidential bid (Christian Science Monitor)

Cellphone data spying: It’s not just the NSA (USA Today)

Scott Brown in ‘No Hurry’ to Decide on NH Senate Run (

Survivors Recall Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor (Associated Press)

Obama taps ex-aide for health care push (USA Today)

President Obama lights National Christmas Tree, with homage to Nelson Mandela (New York Daily News)

Software Patents Get U.S. Supreme Court Review (Bloomberg)

Dollar, global stocks rise as U.S. jobs data boosts taper talk (Reuters)

Supreme Court rejects attempt to block AA-US Airways merger (USA Today)

The One-Day Strike: The New Labor Weapon of Last Resort (TIME)

New Affordable Care US health plans will exclude top hospitals (Financial Times)