National Headlines 2-27-17

Trump proposes defense spending boost, $54 billion in cuts to ‘most federal agencies’ (CNN)

Trump urges insurers to work together to ‘save Americans from Obamacare’ (Washington Post)

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Focuses On Violent Crime And Police Morale (NPR)

Trump Fans Rally Across the Nation to Support the President (New York Times)

Meet Tom Perez, the Democratic Party’s next best hope (CNN)

Dow hits 12th record high close; Trump talks up infrastructure spending (Reuters)

Wilbur Ross, a Billionaire Investor, Is Confirmed as Commerce Secretary (New York Times)

Trump and Paul Ryan Head for a Clash Over the Budget, and Ideology (New York Times)

How two of the most closely watched CEOs see the economy in the Trump era (Washington Post)

Bill Gates says it’s too early for basic income, but over time ‘countries will be rich enough’ (Business Insider)

Puppies Freezing and Abandoned in the Aftermath of the Dakota Access Pipeline Protest (National Review)