Utahns Prefer Computers Over Smartphones

Despite a growing number of tech savvy Utahns, the Beehive State is a little bit behind the times when it comes to adopting technology.

Moveable Ink, a data marketing company, published this graphic showing what technology Utahns use to access their email – smartphone or desktop computer. As you can see, Utah is in the desktop category.

Image courtesy of Moveable Ink

From Cult of Android:

Mobile devices continue to dominate desktops overall — with 61 percent of emails this quarter opened on either a smartphone or tablet, and desktops accounting for just 39 percent of emails opens.

iOS, meanwhile, holds steady over Android — with the iPhone accounting for 78.7 percent of all smartphone email opens, versus Android’s 20.7 percent of smartphone opens, and 9.4 percent of total email opens overall.