Local Headlines 12-10-13

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: Online sales tax deserves honest debate

Op-ed: Utah’s gasoline tax no longer the way to go

Editorial: New Utah air quality rules fall far short of the need

Editorial: Education funding needs governor’s leadership

Editorial: Cottonwood Heights experience argues for centralized services

Paul Rolly: Tea party goblins haunt lawmakers, threaten online sales tax

Huntsman jokes about his ‘secret’ run for president

Swallow findings will get public airing; more data missing

State to get $8.5M in settling Medicaid fraud lawsuit

Deseret News

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: What’s to be done with a new AG and Medicaid expansion?

Op-ed: Utah needs to expand Medicaid

John Florez: Criminal justice is more than prisons

Editorial: Don’t raise the minimum wage

John Swallow lost computer hard drive on airplane, investigators say

Rising popularity of e-cigarettes has educators and lawmakers concerned

Leavitt stresses importance of allies, alliances

Salt Lake City pledges to work with UTA to expand transit reach

Legal analysis supports Utah’s law on getting federal land


Researchers: Federal regulations to blame for overtime, extra costs on power project (Logan Herald Journal)

Editorial: Education the poverty antidote (Standard-Examiner)