Ads call for Bears Ears monument rescission

The Stewards of San Juan County and Sutherland Institute have announced the launch of two commercial spots on KSL5-TV with a call to rescind the Bears Ears National Monument. The first video, which can already be viewed on, features local children whose futures are threatened by this unilateral designation. The second video launches next week. Both commercials will run on KSL for the next two months. The videos spotlight the voices of local San Juan residents as Utahns anticipate a visit from newly appointed Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke. 

From Sutherland Institute President Boyd Matheson: “Often — in politics and in policy — the loudest voices are rarely the right voices and they certainly don’t always have the best solutions. To some people this is only about land and land management, but to the people of San Juan County, Bears Ears is their entire world. It’s their entire future. No one will take better care of it than they will. We’re proud to stand with the Stewards of San Juan County to ask Secretary Zinke to rescind the monument and invite each voice to come to the table.”

From Sutherland Institute policy analyst Matt Anderson: “These powerful videos tell the stories of San Juan residents whose voices have been muzzled. I love what Trinity says: ‘When somebody takes away your land and livelihood, can you really be anything you want to be?’ She is just one of thousands whose futures are at stake. We have to avoid false choices; there’s a way to protect Bears Ears and respect the livelihood, heritage and posterity of all San Juan County residents. I look forward to Secretary Zinke’s visit to Utah and hope he will listen to local voices by seriously considering rescinding Bears Ears.” 

For more information visit or contact Kelsey Köenen Witt, [email protected], 801.355.1272 ext. 115.