Trump, Clinton underperformed in Utah’s four Congressional Districts in 2016

utah1Donald Trump won Utah with just 45% of the vote, surely the worst showing by a Republican in recent memory. While Trump prevailed in all four of Utah’s congressional districts, he failed to win a clear majority in every one. Independent candidate Evan McMullin managed to beat Democrat Hillary Clinton in one district.

Daily Kos broke down the vote in all 4 of Utah’s 4 Congressional seats. Trump’s best showing was in the 1st CD, which sent Rep. Rob Bishop back to Congress. His worst was in the 4th District, which gave Republican Mia Love another term in Washington.


Interestingly, all four Democratic congressional candidates in 2016 outperformed presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during the election. It just underscores the animosity Utahns hold toward the Clinton family.

  • Peter Clemens received 26.4% of the vote in Utah’s 1st CD, but Clinton was at 22.37%.
  • Utah’s 2nd CD gave Charlene Albarran 33.9%, but Clinton was at 31.97%.
  • Stephen Tryon got 26.5% in Utah’s 3rd CD while Clinton got 23.27%.
  • It’s no surprise that Doug Owens did better than Clinton in Utah’s 4th District. Owens got 41.3% to Clinton’s 32.38%.

Speaking of Utah’s 4th CD, Trump barely beat Clinton there, winning by just under 7-points.

Independent candidate Evan McMullin actually beat Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 3rd CD, 24.47-23.27%. McMullin also came within a hair of outperforming Clinton in the 1st CD. Clinton won there by a scant 186 votes.