Poll: Bishop’s favorability numbers drop from big election win

Rep. Rob Bishop is viewed favorably by a majority of his 1st District constituents according to a new UtahPolicy.com survey.

Bishop gets favorable marks from 52% of his constituents, while 33% view him unfavorably. 15% say they either have no opinion of him or say they’ve never heard of him.

Bishop’s favorability marks stand in contrast to his re-election numbers. Bishop won his 2016 election over Democrat Peter Clemens by nearly 40-points. In fact, Bishop has won nearly every race for Congress by at least 30 points. His closest race was his first in 2002 when he won by 24-points.

Bishop’s district is one of the most Republican in the nation. The Cook Political Report Partisan Voting Index rates it as R+26, meaning it’s 26-points more Republican than the rest of the nation. In fact, the 1st CD is the 14th most Republican in the nation according to the Cook ratings.


The numbers give Bishop a +19 net positive rating, which is good territory for an incumbent to inhabit, even though his total approval is barely above 50%.

The numbers suggest that Bishop may not be overly well-liked by his constituents, but they will overwhelmingly vote Republican in elections, which makes it tough for Democrats to win in this district. In 2012, Bishop underperformed when compared to Mitt Romney. Romney won the district by 57 points while Bishop prevailed by 47 points, a 10-point drop-off.

Bishop’s popularity could be higher, but he’s still sitting pretty with a year and a half to go before the 2018 election.

The Dan Jones & Associates poll was conducted March 22-29, 2017 among 219 1st District voters with a margin of error +/- 6.62%