Sen. Lee Likens Obama to the Queen of England

Yikes. Sen. Mike Lee took a shot at President Obama on the Senate floor on Thursday, comparing him to the Queen of England.

The Hill says Lee made the crack about Obama during extended debate prompted by the U.S. Senate modifying the filibuster rules pertaining to some of Obama’s nominees.

“[Obama] doesn’t have the power to legislate on his own … any more than the Queen of England has the right to legislate here,” Lee said during a Republicans “talkathon” against executive nominees.

“I don’t care if you are Republican or Democrat,” he continued, “the office that we occupy here requires us, compels us to defend out constitutional prerogative. … We must protect it.”

“We must not facilitate the prez in his on-going effort to aggregate power,” Lee said. “That’s why we must stand up against the president on some of these nominees.”