Ivory Takes Sovereignty Movement to Montana

Utah state Rep. Ken Ivory urges Montana lawmakers to join his effort to require the transfer of federal lands to the states.

Reports the Missoulian:

Ivory’s talk started with video excerpts from a speech by Gov. Steve Bullock, who spoke about the challenges the federal government is having with addressing large-scale pine beetle infestations and huge wildfires at a time when Washington, D.C., is mired in gridlock.

Bullock pointed out that Montana manages only 5 percent of the state’s public land, but provides 15 percent of the timber volume produced for local mills.

Ivory told the small group in Ravalli County that the partnership between the state and the federal government is broken, which is problematic since 42 percent of the state’s revenue comes from a federal government that is trillions of dollars in debt.

He contends that the federal government has broken a promise contained in the enabling acts that created the states when it failed to dispose of federally managed lands.