Non-partisan study names Hatch most effective legislator in Congress

A new non-partisan study conducted by tech startup FiscalNote and featured in Newsweek has named Senator Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, the most effective legislator in the United States Senate.

Senator Hatch’s top ranking is based on key factors that include both the number and substance of legislation passed.  

According to FiscalNote, the company’s proprietary algorithm weights 12 factors for each individual, including bills sponsored, bills out of committee, bills to the floor and bills enacted, with each stage receiving more importance. A legislator’s score for each stage is further weighted by whether the bill is substantive (i.e., attempts meaningful change) or non-substantive (e.g., a resolution, memorial or commendation) as well as the legislator’s performance relative to other members of the chamber.  

“I represent a generation of lawmakers brought up on the principles of bipartisanship and compromise,” Hatch said. “And I believe that these very virtues are the keys to my success as a legislator. In an era of endless gridlock and increasing polarization, there is no alternative to civility and healthy debate.  As Senators today, we miss too many opportunities to effect meaningful change by hiding behind partisan differences. We must take the opposite course by renewing our efforts to reach across the aisle to overcome division and forge consensus. There is no better template for effective, bipartisan legislating. This is the model I have followed for decades for the betterment of Utah and the nation.”