Several women allege sexual misconduct by candidate for Utah Democratic Party chair

Several women have come forward alleging they were sexually harassed by Rob Miller, one of the leading candidates for Utah Democratic Party Chair.

According to a letter obtained by (a copy is below), the women claim Miller engaged in a pattern of inappropriate behavior toward them and others, including men, on several occasions. 

A copy of the letter was delivered to the Utah Democratic Party Executive Committee last week. The document was signed by Mary Brady-Bishop. Jennifer Miller-Smith, Celina Milner, Sheryl Ginsberg, Elizabeth Converse, Jill Haring and Ellen Brady.

According to allegations included in the letter:

  • In September 2014, Miller contacted a woman to discuss potential employment. When she showed up for the meeting, the letter claims Miller told her there was no job and asked her to date him.
  • Miller allegedly harassed a female volunteer at a campaign office and was told to stop.
  • Miller pulled down his pants and exposed his garments to three men in the basement of Democratic Party headquarters. Miller also allegedly pulled his pants down and revealed his garments to a woman during a Democratic Party event at a hotel.
  • Miller kissed women on the lips and stroked their hair without their consent. He also allegedly grabbed a woman’s buttocks.
  • The letter claims Miller made unwanted sexual comments, including telling one woman “you’re so sexy” while in the company of others.

The letter also claims that when Miller learned of the allegations against him, he threatened legal action against two of the women who signed the letter. He also allegedly called and yelled at one of the signators.

The letter concludes “such conduct is unbecoming of party leadership, and inappropriate for any person who seeks a position of power over others.” has verified the authenticity of the letter with one of the signees.

Miller told he is aware of the letter but calls the allegations contained therein complete falsehoods.

“I don’t know how I served in party leadership from 2005 to 2013 without any allegations made against me for this kind of behavior,” he said. “I didn’t do it. I didn’t sexually harass those women.”

Miller claims the allegations are politically motivated, designed to roil the race for Utah Democratic Party Chair just two weeks before the party convention. He also says all of the women who signed the letter have endorsed other candidates in the contest for party chair.

“I hope that people will wonder why, if I’ve been so terrible, that it’s taken until just before the state convention for this to come out,” he said. “To say these things for political expediency in this race is deplorable.”

Miller says he plans to defend himself vigorously against the claims made in the letter.

“This is a ‘he said, she said’ situation,” said Miller. “If they can show any proof, they should have gone to the police. I take sexual harassment very seriously and plan to fight back against these allegations.”