USTAR grant program addressing Utah water/air challenges opens

The Energy Research Triangle (ERT) program is now accepting applications focused on finding rapid solutions to air and water challenges facing the energy industry.

ERT is a competitive grant program that was created by USTAR and the Governor’s Office of Energy Development, in response to Governor Gary Herbert’s ten-year strategic energy plan.

For this round of ERT, USTAR collaborated with the Salt Lake Chamber to learn about energy challenges identified by local Utah businesses. If solved, these projects could substantially improve the air quality and/or water scarcity challenges that affect energy production and use in the State. 

The $435K grant program is split into two categories. The Energy Research Triangle – Professors grant (ERT-P) provides $125,000 per team of researchers. The program requires that at least three researchers from three different non-profit institutions of higher education in Utah collaborate on a single project. This approach optimizes research efforts and stimulates new solutions to current energy-related challenges. The second category, the Energy Research Triangle – Scholars grants (ERT-S), provides $15,000 per student at any non-profit institution of higher education in Utah. 

Applicants are required to obtain a letter from a Utah business indicating interest in the development of the applicant’s technology. Important dates for the grant include:

May 30 – Applications open

June 16 – Letters of intent due

June 27 – Application deadline

To apply for the grant or for more information visit