Rep. Mia Love receives Climate Leadership Award

Representative Mia Love has been awarded the Climate Leadership Award from Citizens’ Climate Lobby for “extraordinary leadership and bold commitment to environmental stewardship.”  Rep. Love is part of the bipartisan House Climate Solutions Caucus.

“I’m honored to receive this award from Citizens’ Climate Lobby, which is committed to policies that support a healthy climate,” Rep. Love said. “As a Representative of the most beautiful state in the nation, and as a mother, I am committed to viable solutions that help us be the best stewards of our lands. I believe we can find ways to balance the interests of energy needs, our economy, and our children’s future.”

Representative Love regularly engages with members of the Climate Solutions Caucus as they seek to craft and advance policies that promote effective environmental stewardship. She has supported several pieces of legislation to foster clean and renewable energy development.

“Thanks to members of Congress like Rep. Mia Love, we’re approaching the tipping point for ending the partisan impasse on climate change,” said Citizens’ Climate Lobby Executive Director Mark Reynolds. “It’s now just a matter of time before bipartisan solutions will start making their way through the House.”