Refugee Justice League representing Utah Imam stranded in Kenya

The Refugee Justice League announced that its lawyers have been in contact with and are legally representing Yussuf Awadir, an American citizen, Utahn, and beloved Imam at Salt Lake City’s Madina Islamic Center Mosque.

Yussuf Awadir is currently stranded at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, Kenya after Qatar Airlines stated he was not allowed to enter the United States and barred him from boarding his return flight to Salt Lake City with his wife and children, all of whom have valid U.S. passports or travel visas. Yussuf Awadir became an American citizen in 2010.

When he arranged to travel to Kenya to pick up his wife and children, Yussuf Awadir was concerned that he might be detained or prevented from returning to the U.S. because he is Muslim. He decided to go because his wife and children needed his help, and because he trusted the U.S. government to protect him and welcome him home as an American citizen.

“I know Imam Yussuf Awadir personally. I’ve met on several occasions with members of his congregation at the Madina Mosque, and I know they are all very concerned for his welfare,” said Refugee Justice League attorney Jim McConkie. “He is the beloved leader of his congregation and a valued member of our community. Our government has failed him. The League is working urgently with government officials and Utah’s congressional delegation to bring Yussuf and his family home to Utah.”

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