UtahPolicy contributor Jared Whitley wins local awards

Long-standing Utah Policy contributor Jared Whitley was honored recently for his contributions to Utah journalism.

He received two awards from Utah chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) last week at their annual “Utah Headliners” reception.

Whitley won an award in the headline writing category for the columns he writes for us. Last year, his headlines included zingers like Attacking Christopher Columbus Is Racist, Go Ahead, California Secessionists, Make Our Day, and Prominent LDS Family Saves Tribune from Certain Death; Trib Immediately Denounces LDS Influence in Local Politics.

Whitley also won recognition in the medical/science writing category for a piece on Medicare budget recovery he wrote for the Deseret News. Both awards were 3rd place.

“Delighted to be recognized by my friends and colleagues at home from the SPJ,” Whitley said. “Writing for local outlets has always been an honor for me and I’m glad so many of my peers feel the same way. They may be bronze medals, but third place is much better than fourth place!”

Whitley first started writing for Utah Policy in 2007, when he blogged about his deployment to the Iowa Caucuses for the Romney campaign. Earlier this year he won two awards from the Top of the Rockies competition and last year he won the Best of the West’s column-writing competition. He has previously won nine awards from the Utah SPJ, including two for blogging for Utah Policy.