National Headlines 12-19-13

Clinton: 2016 decision will come next year (The Hill)

McCain blames Obama for Russia’s ‘newfound assertiveness’ (The Hill)

Cruz: ‘Thought police’ silencing ‘Duck’ star (The Hill)

Hopes fall for nominee deal (The Hill)

New Mexico Supreme Court: Same-sex marriage legal (Associated Press)

Chris Christie and N.J. Democrats reach agreement on DREAM Act (Star-Ledger)

Montana Gets Tougher for GOP (Wall Street Journal)

Charlie Rangel, 83, to run again (Politico)

Schweitzer takes aim at Clinton’s Iraq vote (CNN)

Polls: Relief From Deportation More Important Than Citizenship to Many Immigrants (Associated Press)

Critics hit programs as poor try (New York Daily News)

NSA Spying Fallout: Brazil Chooses Swedish Fighter Jet, Not U.S.’s, In $4.5B Deal (Fox News)