Mia Love Non-Committal on Whether She’d Support Boehner if Elected

Mia Love offered up a decidedly milquetoast answer if she would support John Boehner continuing as Speaker of the House if she is elected in 2014.

The Daily Caller obtained an audio recording of a town-hall meeting in South Jordan where an audience member asked if she would support Boehner as speaker.

“You know, it’s interesting, a lot of people ask me, would you support? I’d support him in some; I’m not going to always agree with him. But I’m not there to support Speaker Boehner; I’m here to represent people of the 4th District,” Love replied.

“So, it’s certainly a question that I don’t, I don’t — that would be my answer. I mean there are some things that he’s tried to do that I think are appropriate, but my job is to represent the 4th District and the things that they would like me to do. I’m not going to Washington to represent the Speaker of the House, or to support or not support the Speaker of the House,” she added.

When reached by the website about the comments, Love stood stood by her statement.