Beg to Differ podcast: ‘Collusion collision’

Donald Trump, Jr., son of the President, pulled one of the stupidest moves in the history of American politics when he attempted to collude with the Russian government. We break down the politics surrounding the latest Russia revelations. 

Rep. Chris Stewart is our guest this week on the podcast. The Republican says the latest Russia developments are quite troubling, but any talk of impeachment is premature. The congressman also discusses the threat of North Korea and the complexities of dealing with China, plus a cyber threat that not many are talking about.  

Our Schools Now is pushing to get on the 2018 ballot with a tax hike to better fund schools, but are they being honest in how they’re presenting their proposition? 

A pro-liquor group offends everybody in Utah in their effort to attack the state’s new DUI law. 

We play the “simultaneous game,” including a touching tribute to Donny and Marie. 

Plus, we remember Wade Farraway of the Attorney General’s office, who passed away unexpected this week. 

State Auditor John Dougall joins Bryan Schott on this week’s show.