Lee Bill Would Protect Churches from the Tyranny of Judicial Activism

TheBlazeTV interviews Sen. Mike Lee about his proposed Marriage and Religious Freedom Act, which he introduced in Congress just one week before an activist judge overturned Utah’s gay marriage ban.

Reports Erica Ritz:

Guest host Buck Sexton pressed the senator on whether such a bill will make an impact, saying “it seems like even a straightforward, black-letter law is no impediment to President Obama’s progressive agenda.”

But Lee said that’s the exact reason it is so important to “drill down on this specific issue.”

“The government should have no say in what an individual or what a church might believe regarding the sanctity of marriage,” Lee said. “This is a decision to be made without the influence of government, particularly without the influence of the federal government. And so that’s what we’re trying to do here — keep the federal government at bay, and out of that decision-making process.”