Beg to Differ podcast: Daddy has to step in and fix the problem

Time to make you the smartest person in the room when you discuss politics.

Ballot problems in two counties for the GOP congressional primary this year have the conspiracy theorists in overdrive. Will those problems have an effect on the outcome of the election?

Polls show Utahns do not want Sen. Orrin Hatch to run for a third term. We explain why the “will he or won’t he” game the Senator is playing with his re-election is freezing the field for next year and giving him an opportunity to have an impact on what happens next year even if he doesn’t run.

We speak with Speaker of the Utah House Greg Hughes about his efforts to quell the lawlessness surrounding the homeless population in downtown Salt Lake City. Why is it taking a legislator who lives in Draper to finally get moving on the homeless problem?

Plus, we play the simultaneous game.

Bryan Schott and Mike Winder give you both sides of the argument on the big issues in Utah politics from the last week.