Ugh! Arizona Democrat Darkens Skin to Look Hispanic

Who thought this was a good idea? A Democratic candidate for governor in Arizona is catching some flak for darkening his skin in a photo to look more Hispanic.

The Arizona Daily Independent reports Fred DuVal allegedly released the photo in response to Republicans who labeled him as “The World’s Most Uninteresting Man,” which is a reference to the ubiquitous Dos Equis commercials.  

According to the Arizona GOP, “DuVal digitally morphed himself to resemble the person pictured here, put the doctored image out on Twitter and hand-delivered a printed copy to the AZGOP. Painful attempts at humor, especially with racial overtones, usually backfire on candidates.”

The Yellow Sheet spun the behavior for DuVal writing that he “had some fun with the Arizona Republican Party and Graham today, responding to the party’s decree that he is the “most uninteresting man in the world” with some cerveza-based humor of his own.” According to the Yellow Sheet, David DuVal, “the Dem gubernatorial hopeful’s brother, delivered a case of Dos Equis to Graham and AZGOP Executive Director Chad Heywood, along with a thank-you card for giving the Dem hopeful’s campaign a fundraising boost.”

In a press release, DuVal said he was “flattered” that the Republicans would start targeting him so long before the election, and that rather than attack in response, he wanted to show them that he’s a “good sport.”

Conservative Latinos and Americans of African descent are not laughing however, they say that DuVal and his fellow democrats have a history of using race and racial divisions to raise funds on the backs of the very people their boycotts and other political stunts have hurt.