National Headlines 12-29-13

Regulatory fights loom large (The Hill)

House GOP: Al-Qaeda was involved in Benghazi attacks (USA Today)

Elite team of NSA hackers said to ‘get the ungettable’ with Bond-style tactics (Christian Science Monitor)

Intel committee members say court discredited Snowden (UPI)

White House: N. Ireland peace talks at vital point (Associated Press)

Cruz in legal process to renounce Canadian citizenship (CNN)

Obama faces smattering of protests on Hawaiian vacation (Reuters)

Bill Clinton Will Preside at de Blasio’s Inauguration (New York Times)

Former Indiana congressman Andrew Jacobs dies (USA Today)

On January 1, minimum wage salaries go up in 13 states, 4 cities (CNN)

Ethanol loses friends and influence as reform movement grows (CNBC)

Dry year spurs new conservation orders for 2014 (Associated Press)