Count My Vote celebrates primary election process

Count My Vote initiative leaders congratulated Provo Mayor John Curtis, winner of yesterday’s Republican Party Primary Election in Utah’s 3rd Congressional District, and celebrated Utah’s new process that gives all party voters a voice in choosing their candidates for public office.

In offering his congratulations, Executive Chairman of Count My Vote Rich McKeown said, “Congratulations to Mayor Curtis on his outstanding victory, as well as to all other candidates for a hard-fought race to represent Utah’s 3rd District.” McKeown continued, “Today we celebrate Utah’s new Primary Election process that gave all Republican voters an equal voice in choosing their party’s nominee. Without Utah’s new election process, implemented through the Count My Vote Citizens Initiative and SB54, a small handful of delegates would have made a decision belonging to tens of thousands.”

Despite finishing fifth place at the Republican Party convention in June, Mayor John Curtis received nearly 43 percent of the vote to decidedly win Tuesday’s Republican Primary Election. Between Curtis and opponent Tanner Ainge, 70 percent of Republican voters chose someone other than the convention-nominated candidate. Tuesday’s Primary Election clearly demonstrates that, once again, party delegates didn’t represent the views of party voters.

As a bi-partisan citizen organization devoted to assuring broad voter participation, Count My Vote is committed to assure that giving voters the right to choose is protected, sustained and enhanced.