Salt Lake Chamber enters agreement with Mexico Chamber of Commerce

In an effort to promote trade, tourism, and investments between the United States, Utah and Mexico, the Salt Lake Chamber entered into an agreement with the Association of Mexican Chambers of Commerce (CONCANACO SERVYTUR) in a show of support for the protection of existing free trade agreements.

Mexico is an important free trade market for Utah companies. In fact, Mexico is Utah’s third largest trade partner, with trade between Mexico and Utah representing more than $4 billion. Over the last 10 years, Utah exports to Mexico have increased 231 percent. 

“It is clear to both Utah’s and Mexico’s business community that there are overwhelming benefits to trading with our neighboring countries and that without it economic prosperity would otherwise be impossible,” said Lane Beattie, president and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber. “We hope that through this agreement and others, the deep economic ties that support thousands of jobs are preserved and Utah can continue to enjoy the prosperity that international trade provides.”

The Salt Lake Chamber wants to ensure existing free trade agreements are updated in such a way that does not upset Utah’s state of trade, but rather enhances Utah’s trade relationship with our neighboring countries including Mexico.