Utah Republican Party raising funds for Texas hurricane relief

The Utah GOP is raising money and supplies in order to send a truck to Houston to assist with relief efforts following Hurricane Harvey.

Harvey is leaving unprecedented and catastrophic flooding in its wake.

The GoFundMe effort has a goal of $10,000.

Jeremy Robers, co-chair of the GOP’s Lincoln Club is organizing the fundraising effort. He says they are planning on taking 15-20 volunteers to Houston on Wednesday or Thursday of this week to help with filling sandbags and clean up efforts.

“I think the most important characteristic of our community is kindness,” said Roberts. “At the end of the day, we don’t seem to care so much about donkeys and elephants as we do working together. This is our chance to show that to the world.”

The cash from the fundraising effort will be given to relief groups.

Roberts says in addition to money, they’re also seeking donations of bottled water and sleeping bags. Those items can be dropped off at the state party headquarters.