Scam fundraising emails hitting Mia Love supporters in Utah

Some Utahns are getting emails from a political action committee urging them to donate to help Rep. Mia Love’s re-election campaign. It’s a scam.

The emails from Black America’s Political Action Committee (BAMPAC) started hitting emails in Utah late last month. The messages claimed “Mia Love is in serious trouble” and “Mia’s poll numbers have revealed serious trouble ahead for her re-election.”

Roll Call reports these fundraising emails are nothing more than a scheme to separate recipients from their money. They spoke with Mia Love’s pollster, Quinn Monson from Y2 Analytics, who said the email had no basis in the truth.

“There’s no indication in any polling that I know of, public or private, that Mia is having any trouble,” said Quin Monson, a partner at Y2 Analytics. “Given the election results last fall, just the opposite is true. She is in a stronger position than ever before.” The congresswoman defeated Democrat Doug Owens 54-41 percent in 2016 after a more narrow 51-46 percent victory over the same opponent in 2014.


Love wasn’t on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s initial (and ambitious) list of 59 Republican targets released at the beginning of the year, nor was she among the 21 additional GOP Members added in the subsequent months. And as of June 30, Love didn’t have a Democratic opponent with more than $14,000 in campaign funds. She had $348,000 after spending over $5.5 million in the 2016 cycle.


“I would just add that this particular email from BAMPAC is pretty much a complete scam,” said Monson. “BAMPAC is simply using Mia’s name to gin up fundraising and is not connected to Mia in any way. It may be legal, but is certainly ethically questionable at best.”