Local Headlines 9-7-17

Salt Lake Tribune

Michelle Quist Mumford: A hug a day keeps the doctor away

Editorial: Get a warrant

Davis County No. 2 in nation for employment growth

Utah schools receive record $64M in trust land funding

Federal agency over Utah’s public lands quietly ‘streamlines’ its environmental reviews

After Moab spill, ‘there was never any danger’; residents can use their water again

The Road Home is spending $4,400 per night to keep Utah families out of its downtown homeless shelter

Following a financial scandal, the taxpayer-supported Utah League of Cities & Towns picks a new leader

Biskupski says she has ‘the green light’ to pursue the 2-year closure of Rio Grande Street, but not everyone is on board

Ex-Utah A.G. John Swallow could benefit from ruling in Mark Shurtleff’s legal battle for legal fees

Utah wants to launch pilot project to tax motorists for miles traveled instead of at the pump

Deseret News

Editorial: Senator Hatch must lead Republican caucus in passing DACA

There’s a plan to kill the Electoral College, and Utah supports it, report says

Judge delays guardianship case until he can hear from Gary Ott

Herbert hosts fundraiser as Utah GOP debates dropping SB54 lawsuit

Sen. Mike Lee backs baker, florist who refused work for same-sex couples

Fees based on miles driven decades away, but pilot program coming

With majority supporting Rio Grande Street closure, Biskupsk likely to sign lease Thursday

Record $64M distributed to Utah schools from trust lands

College presidents, advocates urge Congress for DACA replacement; Mexican consulate offers help


Analysis: is Dana Williams invincible? (Park Record)