Local Headlines 12-31-13

Deseret News

Kraig Powell: Shelby’s unfair, unnecessary overreach can only serve to further exacerbate political tensions

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Politicians make their resolutions for a quiet 2014

Bountiful e-cigarette stores given more time to relocate

S.L. County Council votes to protest Holladay annexation

Parents not satisfied with Jordan School District boundary plans

Utah’s chemical weapons incinerator to be demolished

10th Circuit sets ‘expedited’ schedule for appeal of Amendment 3

Attorney General Sean Reyes takes oath, poised to appeal gay marriage ruling

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: Herbert’s air quality plan is too friendly

Utah population hits 2.9 million as second-fastest growing state

Another Utah amendment on marriage coming

Bountiful gives 1-year reprieve to e-cigarette stores

New Utah AG says costs of defending same-sex marriage ban worth it

Reyes tackles tall tasks as Utah’s new attorney general


Epic Google Fiber announcement #2 story of the year (Daily Herald)

Will LDS bishops be forced to perform same-sex marriages? (Daily Herald)

Editorial: Swallow case should not end (Standard-Examiner)

Bountiful gives e-cigarette retailers another year to remain open (Standard-Examiner)