National Headlines 1-1-14

Officials admit potential O-Care problems (The Hill)

After tough year, no end in sight to Pentagon’s struggles in new year (The Hill)

Obama faces resurgent al Qaeda in 2014 (The Hill)

Court weighs fate of net neutrality (The Hill)

$1T spending bill nears unveiling (The Hill)

De Blasio sworn in as New York mayor, succeeding Bloomberg (Reuters)

Duggan Takes Bankrupt Detroit’s Oath Of Office (Associated Press)

WH says birth control mandate doesn’t apply to plaintiff in Sotomayor’s decision (Fox News)

After rough year, Obama looks for 2014 comeback, amid some unsolicited New Year’s resolutions (Fox News)

Judge upholds most of New York’s new gun law (UPI)

Number of cops killed by gunfire in 2013 dips to 33, lowest since 1887 (Fox News)

Justice delays health law’s birth control mandate (Associated Press)