National Headlines 1-2-14

NYT calls for Snowden clemency (The Hill)

Eleven attorneys general slam Obama healthcare fixes as illegal (The Hill)

Are the Clintons using de Blasio to woo progressives? (MSNBC)

Family mistakenly gets Christmas gift from Obamas (Detroit Free Press)

The Snowden Obama Amnesty Double Standard (MSNBC)

Americans for Prosperity building La. chapter (Associated Press)

In the Buckeye State, the Tea Party Bucks the Establishment Republican Governor (Daily Beast)

Poll: Americans have little faith in government (Associated Press)

Senate Democrats plan fast-track fix to reinstate lost unemployment benefits (Guardian)

Obama Contraceptive Mandate Slowed by Nuns at U.S. High Court (Bloomberg)

Answers to 5 questions about legalized pot in Colorado (USA Today)

Weekly US unemployment benefit claims fall to 339,000 (Associated Press)