Local Headlines 9-21-17

Salt Lake Tribune

Jonathan Johnson: States continue straw-grasping internet tax gambit

Utah school board gets earful after dropping middle school arts and health requirements

Frustrated tribal leaders wonder if Bears Ears is a national monument in name only

Murray City Council picks one of its own to serve as interim mayor

Salt Lake Airport Board likes street-level TRAX plan to save $50M-plus

Utah lawmakers take another stab at bill to force removal of an elected leader for mental disability in wake of Gary Ott saga

Utah lawmakers make quick work of special-session bills to support Operation Rio Grande

Lawmaker, bail-bond industry fail to stop changes coming to Utah courts

Utah House Republican will propose bill to cut food tax, though details are unclear

After nurse’s arrest, Utah lawmakers will draft a bill that clarifies when police can draw someone’s blood

Deseret News

Jay Evensen: Why a Trump ‘Bears Ears’ decision won’t be the last word

Op-ed: The Antiquities Act is an antiquity itself

Editorial: Science may help Utah prevent suicides

Legislature to consider bill to allow removal of mentally incapacitated elected officials

Busywork or valuable data? Utah lawmakers weigh in on new school report card

Utah lawmakers continue work on three-digit suicide prevention line

Fed decisions on interest rates and monetary policy a signal of economic confidence, local analyst says

Lawmaker may revive proposal to ban animal euthanasia by gas chamber

Timpanogos Highway settlement approved in special session

Lawmaker touts bill enhancing Medicaid coverage of IUDs

Utah Lake expert criticizes new nutrient standard

Lawmakers to consider fee increases for drivers’ licenses, firearms permits

GOP lawmaker drafting bill to eliminate state sales tax on food

Windfall in treatment beds still expected by around end of year, state official tells lawmakers

Panel pitches possible fixes to Utah’s teacher shortage

Utah Legislature passes 2 bills to fund, facilitate Operation Rio Grande

Lawmaker laments forest management in wake of Brian Head Fire

Is Kim Jong Un insane? Rep. Stewart says no, but he’s a real threat

State School Board urged to reverse course on middle school core requirements


Editorial: We need a single, comprehensive way to track Ogden’s homeless population (Standard-Examiner)