League of Women Voters of Utah publishes 2017 voter guide for Congressional District 3

The League of Women Voters of Utah is pleased to announce the release of our 2017 Voters Guide for Congressional District 3.

It is available online at lwvutah.org/2017-voters-guide. The guide provides useful information, including contact details for each candidate, to help voters make an informed decision at the polls in November. The LWVUT is well known for providing accurate and non-partisan information. 

League volunteers authored questions that were tailored to the office and are intended to address issues of concern to Utah voters like education and healthcare. Using contact information that was supplied by the Lt. Governor’s Office of Elections, we emailed all candidates on the ballot for Congressional District 3. We asked candidates to provide answers of approximately 200 words per question (the length of a newspaper letter to the editor) and the deadline for responses was September 13. The answers were not edited in any manner, but were compiled and formatted for online publication at lwvutah.org/2017-voters-guide. This guide represents countless hours of effort by many volunteers.

Candidates were made aware that if they chose not to respond to the questions, that would be noted in our Voters Guide.   

The League of Women Voters of Utah thanks those candidates who responded and ask voters to pay attention to their answers and note those who did not respond.  We continue to work to provide education and urge involvement to ensure each person is heard and participates in the future of our nation.