Allen: I’m not a ‘Nancy Pelosi Democrat’

3rd District Congressional candidate Kathie Allen wants you to know she’s not your typical Democrat. 

First of all, she says she wouldn’t vote for Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker of the House if she were to win a seat in Washington.

“I’m not a big fan of hers,” says Allen. “This is part of the stereotyping and garbage I get on social media where people say ‘Oh, you’re just another tax and spend liberal who will support Nancy Pelosi.’ I actually don’t like Nancy Pelosi.”

Allen was a guest on the “Beg to Differ” podcast this week with Bryan Schott and Mike Winder.

Allen is nearly 40-points behind Republican John Curtis in the special election race to replace Jason Chaffetz despite having raised nearly $750,000 for her election efforts.

Part of the reason Allen is so far behind is the district, CD3 is the 16th “most Republican” in the nation. But, Allen also says there are some voters who simply won’t give her a chance because she’s a Democrat.

Allen says if voters could get past entrenched party politics to listen to her message, she thinks she’d win a lot more support.

“I wish that people would not stereotype candidates. Just being the Democrat is a big disadvantage,” says Allen. “I bring a whole collection of life experiences and values to this race that may or may not completely identify with everything people think is Democratic. I hope people look beyond labels and see me more as a comprehensive, holistic human being.”

Allen also took a jab at Republican Curtis for his social media faux pas last week when he yanked some ads touting anti-immigration themes.

“I’m not a particularly polarizing figure. My message has been very consistent. I have not pivoted off it for six months. What Mayor Curtis did this last week really nobody knows where he stands. Is he a moderate? Is he a right-wing Republican or is he flaky in his message? I don’t know where he stands. I know where I stand.”

Allen says she is readying one last advertising blitz before ballots go out to voters in two weeks, joking that you’re going to see her ad “a lot.” Who is she targeting?

“I think there are some people out there I just can’t reach. I’m trying to reach people who care about their environment, their families. Some people are going to wake up. Whether it’s by November 7th, I don’t know.”