Podcast: Bernick and Schott on politics #344

Bob Bernick and Bryan Schott discuss the week in Utah politics.

Ben McAdams is considering running against Mia Love in Utah’s 4th CD next year. McAdams certainly has the attention of Love’s campaign staff. McAdams could be a formidable opponent because, according to our polling, he has better approval ratings than her.

Utah officials say they don’t expect to pass any new gun restrictions in the wake of the massacre in Las Vegas.

Gov. Gary Herbert is irking some legislators by using “signing letters” instructing state agencies to spend money in a different manner than what legislators intended. We explain.

Sen. Orrin Hatch’s favorability is underwater while Sen. Mike Lee is just at 51%. We break down the numbers.

In our weekly segment, “Holy crap! Trump did what?” we discuss why President Trump went to Puerto Rico to throw towels at people.

The Russians used social media to sow discord during the 2016 election.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called President Trump a “moron.” This is after he almost quit over the summer.

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price got the “heave ho” just hours after meeting with Speaker Greg Hughes and Gov. Gary Herbert.

Plus, why Tom Petty’s “Damn the Torpedoes” is one of the best albums of all time.