National Headlines 10-10-17

Roger Goodell tells NFL owners ‘everyone should stand for the national anthem’ (Kansas City Star)

In victory for Trump, Supreme Court dismisses travel ban case (USA Today)

Conservationists take nine flights a year, despite knowing danger to environment, study shows (Telegraph)

Ronan Farrow on Harvey Weinstein Story: ‘I Was Threatened With a Lawsuit’ (Variety)

After delay, Clinton and Obamas rip Weinstein (The Hill)

Black Man Beaten During Charlottesville Rally Charged With Felony (New York Times)

5 big things Trump is doing to reverse Obama’s climate policies (Politico)

Rare bipartisan gun control bill on bump fire stocks introduced following Las Vegas massacre (CNN)

Trump discusses ‘range of options’ on North Korea with security team (The Hill)

Drexel professor put on leave after Las Vegas tweets (Associated Press)

New Nobel Prize economist Thaler stumped by record markets (Reuters)