Local Headlines 1-6-14

Deseret News

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Examining the repercussions of Judge Shelby’s decision

Op-ed: Being for traditional marriage does not mean being against anyone

Editorial: It’s time to end the federal gas tax

Common Core reading lists showcase some controversial picks

Opting out of the Common Core

Even with Mia Love, Sean Reyes races, Count My Vote may be only surprise on November ballot

Part-time mayor faces full-time job

Former Arizona sheriff blasts ruling that allows gay marriage in Utah

Salt Lake Tribune

Rolly: At-risk ROTC program may move to charter school

Op-ed: Utah has education role model in Massachusetts

Op-ed: Medicaid expansion proper role of government

Op-ed: Illegitimate and wrong marriage rulings

In Utah, excuses abound for delinquent property taxes

Newly elected city officials to take oaths of office

Plans to move Jordan school boundaries rile some parents

The mayor with the amazing mustache moves on

Analysis: State’s subpoenas rarely reflect sense of ‘urgent’ action


Two Utah legislators advocate federal Constitutional Convention (Standard-Examiner)

School standards a Utah hot potato (Logan Herald Journal)